About Us, how we became myZenstone™ and why.

publication date: Feb 3, 2018



The About Us page is your opportunity to introduce yourself, the team or company to your audience.

Share your story. Be authentic. Take some time to present your qualifications and expertise. Promote the services you or your company provide and the benefits your content has to offer.

Include individual bios and engaging profile photos of yourself and team members.

Now create your own About Us page. Click the Edit button in the upper right corner, delete this content and add your own words and images.

It only takes a second to click forward and the positive ripple effect will last for generations to come, so please help grow our community of conscious creators and support empowering everyone we know to move beyond playing the role  of victim to conscious creator!!

Dreams really do come true. . . 

I Am That, what do you choose to be?



Char xox